Maximilian Rellin

Maximilian Rellin

I'm 19 years old creator - This is my story so far:

Since ever I'm a big fan of people who just create stuff they think somebody needs. I knew the most effective way to do so is learning programming, due to the mass of free learning resources and the power of creating a massive impact with only a small team. So, in the age of 16, I set learning programming my highest priority.

One year later, in the age of 17, I partnered up with my later Co-Founder Johannes to study business informatics 300km away from my home town Berlin. Since it turned out that studying something is not the best way to really focus on learning things that help me on my journey, I again partnered up with Johannes to found Callosum Software - the company we wanted to sell random websites to finance ourselves while learning coding.

Well, this turned out to be much harder than we thought. Luckily, we met a former schoolmate who just had minor success with his weird website called Tellonym. After talking about that project we found that we could make something big out of it. Therefore, Max (no, not me) joined Callosum Software with Tellonym and we started to go hard on it. Working on that project day and night (I can't remember one free weekend since we started) we had six month later over 5 Million Active Users in Germany and started to see our product in use by people we knew but never told them about.
to be continued...

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Berlin Spandau, Germany

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(+49) 30 622 022 11

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